The imperative for justice is anchored in many Jewish texts; the URJ views social justice to be just as fundamental to Jewish life as ritual and Torah study.

Connecting with Voters

Our nonpartisan Every Voice, Every Vote campaign through the Religious Action Center connected thousands of leaders and volunteers with over 650,000 voters in areas targeted by voter suppression, with the aim that more marginalized community members would be able to vote.

Pursuing Justice Seminar Series

As a part of our grant-supported Pursuing Justice Seminar Series, we hosted “Justice and Judaism,” “Pursuing Justice as Spiritual Practice,” and “Justice and Reform Judaism” several times throughout the year.

Each event had hundreds of registrants. This online series was geared toward helping attendees learn about Judaism’s emphasis on the pursuit of justice.


Marching for Workers’ Rights

The RAC partnered with the Poor People’s Campaign and organizations from across the country for the Poor People’s & Low-Wage Workers’ Assembly Moral March on Washington on June 18. The march focused on demanding that lawmakers address systemic injustices in America. Hundreds participated in the march and tuned into the RAC’s livestreamed event.

Educating Clergy About Oppression

We ran “Using Our Moral Voices to Address Oppression Inside and Outside Our Jewish Communities,” a multi-part training series that enabled white clergy to acknowledge their positional power, explore the ways they are affected by antisemitism, and consider how they benefit from the same systems of oppression they are working to dismantle.

A crowd holding signs at an abortion access rally

Advocating for Reproductive Justice

The URJ and CCAR partnered with the National Council of Jewish Women to present the Jewish Rally for Abortion Justice, enabling Jews to raise their voices and advocate for abortion access.

We are leaders of change. We do not give up on the work of shaping a more loving, just, equitable, and peaceful world, no matter how challenging it might be.

Growing Good Citizens

Grow a Good Citizen, URJ’s grant-funded digital marketing campaign geared toward families with young children ages 4-8, educated children about the importance of voting and taking action to help others vote. Grow a Good Citizen kits were sent to about 300 homes and included family activities centered around civic engagement.